Monday, July 11, 2011

Mount Rushmore and ABB sightings

Today we drove from Gillette, WY to Mitchell, SD.  Along the way, we stopped at Mount Rushmore. As we skipped going to Glacier National Park, our arrival at Mount Rushmore coincided with ABB's. Driving north from Custer, we began seeing cyclists headed towards Crazyhorse.  After we passed the Crazyhorse turnoff, I saw a van on the side of the road with a guy practicing his golf swing.  It was Mike, taking pictures of the riders. Karen and I stopped and said hello for about ten minutes and then headed on to Mount Rushmore.

At Mount Rushmore we ran into more ABB riders. Here is Dan (one of four Dan's this year) and Gary. It was great to meet and talk to them.

Next, we stopped at the SAG stop outside Keystone and said hello to Karen. Unfortunately, we did not get to see Jim who was riding sweep, or Debbie, Barb, and Jeff who were already headed towards the hotel. We headed east to Wall Drugs, and then further east as we are headed to De Smet, SD. tomorrow. There were heavy thunderstorm clouds in the rear view mirror while on I-90 to Wall. Let's hope there are no hail storms this year.

All the ABB riders I talked to said they were having a great time. One even followed my blog last year and knew who I was. I hope everyone is savoring each minute of this year's ride, because I recall the rest of our ride happened pretty fast. Good luck and safe riding to the 2011 North riders.

Here is a link to Ann and Leslie's blog for this year's ride:   From here, you can link to several ABB 2011 North blogs. For us though, it is on to De Smet. And then we head home. But I wish I was riding from Rapid City to Wall tomorrow.

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