Sunday, July 3, 2011

CRR ABB Day 3 - Granby to Georgetown

For the third day in a row, we had excellent weather. Another clear day with no afternoon thunderstorms. Today, it was 43 degrees when we loaded up at 7:00AM. Temperatures remained cool during our climb to Berthoud Pass and warmed up mid day for the descent. Above, we leave Granby in the early morning, headed for Berthoud Pass at the 29 mile point. The ride was 47.5 miles.

 I rode with Leo early in the morning. This is what he looks like on a bicycle other than a Bike Friday.

 At the 9 mile point, this is the view towards the Winter Park ski area, with Berthoud Pass just behind it.

Don, Dan, Barb and John Soley, and Steve take a brief break before the climb starts.

 As we climb the pass, this is a view back towards where we had come from.

 Finally, we reach the pass and second SAG stop.

It was a quick descent off the pass. A 35mph average for 13 miles, with a top speed of 49.8mph.

The food has been great. We had a nice catered breakfast this morning, followed by all types of fruits, power bars, gels, sports drinks, and other goodies at the SAG stops.

Strawberries with Nutella. A new favorite SAG food.

Today's ride:

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