Friday, July 8, 2011

CRR ABB Day 8 - Snowmass to Glenwood Springs

Today was our final day of the Colorado Reunion Ride. After the above group photo (some riders started cycling early), it was time to cycle together for the last time.

We descended from Snowmass towards Aspen and took a bike path over to the base of the Maroon Bells climb. 

It was a nine mile climb up to see the Maroon Bells. We had good views of the mountains during the climb.

At the top, we took some more group photos before descending back towards Aspen.

From the base of the climb near Aspen, it was a 40 mile ride on the Rio Grande Bike Path to Glenwood Springs.

This had to be one of the best bike paths in the country. It was fantastic. Imagine riding 40 miles through a valley, with mountains on both sides of you, a white water rafting river next to the path, and at a constant 1% descent. It was a perfect end to our tour.

We did (finally) get some rain while we were riding. It rained for the last six miles of the ride. No matter, it was a great day, as were all of the other days in Colorado.

Highlights of the whole tour, for me, had to be (1) riding Trail Ridge Road above timberline at 12,000+ feet with a significant amount of snow still around, (2) the climb to Independence Pass, also at 12,000+ feet, (3) the climb to Maroon Bells, and (4) the 40 mile Rio Grande bike path down to Glenwood Springs.

Thanks again to Beth and Sandy for directing the ride. Great job. And to Nancy, Sue, and Karen for providing support for all of the riders.

Next is a visit to Yellowstone National Park, and possibly Glacier National Park, before we head home.

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