Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 39 – Birch Run to Port Huron, MI

Today: 89 miles, 1347 feet of climb
Cumulative: 2914 miles, 96751 feet of climb
Remaining: Approx. 783 miles, 24,560 feet of climb

Jeff and Joe at the Blue Water Bridge. Sarnia, Ontario Canada is behind us

Before I talk about today’s ride, I have to go back to yesterday. You may remember several of us went to Tony’s for lunch and I had an $8.49 BLT that wound up having a pound of cooked bacon on it. I’ve since been asked several questions about that meal, and the aftermath. So let me answer those questions before moving on:

Q: Was the BLT sandwich good?
A: It was delicious. For a while, anyway. Eating it was an adventure in itself. First I had to find the bottom of the plate. Then I had to find the tomatoes. They were on the bottom of the sandwich under the lettuce and complemented the bacon very well. Then I had to figure out a way to pick up the sandwich and bite into it. Those things accomplished, ultimately I was a failure. I couldn’t eat the whole thing. I left bacon on my plate. I wouldn’t be surprised if my bacon loving friends (and you know who you are) never talk to me again.

Q: How many pieces of bacon did you eat?
A: I’m not telling. But it was more than I’ve ever eaten in one sitting and more than I’ll ever eat again.

Q: How did you feel afterward?
A: Like I was having a coronary with close to a pound of bacon in my stomach. And very thirsty too. When I arrived at the hotel I had a 16 ounce iced tea followed by a 16 ounce water followed by two 32 ounce drinks with dinner. Dinner was a salad, without bacon bits. But I am recovered after today’s 89 miles and 5456 calories burned.

This morning's scenery after leaving the Birch Run area

Moving on, Day 39 was another beautiful day for riding. Cool temperatures and clear skies greeted us this morning. I had a small cut in my front tire that I just noticed this morning. So I had to replace the tire first thing. That made it 3300 miles on the front tire since I bought it, which is pretty good mileage. My back tire was purchased in Casper and has only 1500 miles on it, so I hope it lasts a bit longer. I probably shouldn’t say this, and will most certainly regret it, but I have not had any flat tires on this ride. I also didn’t have one on the BRAG spring ride, AMBA or BRAG, so that makes it over 4500 miles since my last puncture on April 1. I think I'm one of only three people on the ride without a puncture. There, I've said it anyway.

Left on Yale Road, at the T. Jeff and Alex in front of me.

Our ride today was due east with a few jogs to the south. I didn’t notice much of a wind. Certainly not a tailwind, but the roads were flat and we were headed in the right direction. Again we saw many farms except for the beginning and end of the day when we were in the suburbs of Birch Run or Port Huron.

I thought this house was kind of neat

I started the ride with Jeff, Alex, Dave, Toronto Mark, and Baltimore Mark. We stayed together until the first SAG at 26 miles. We started off separately leaving the first SAG, but reformed within several miles and stayed together again until we got to the second SAG at 62 miles. Then, Toronto Mark left SAG2 ahead of us while Baltimore Mark left behind us. So the remainder of the day was spent riding with Alex, Jeff, and Dave.

At SAG 1 we got our water from an Artesian well

At mile 78 we reached Lakeshore Drive and Lake Huron, where we made a right turn towards Port Huron. Jeff, Alex, and I stopped at a beach along the lake to check it out. The water is very blue and the area is referred to as Blue Water.

Lake Huron

Next we rode to a park at the St. Clair River under the Blue Water Bridge which separates the USA and Canada. We’ll be crossing this bridge into Canada tomorrow. At the end of the days ride, everyone headed to the Quality Inn to check in, shower, and get ready for rap and dinner.

Joe at Lake Huron.  Alex went for a swim.

Tomorrow we enter Canada for three days and two nights. It should be a fun day. The city of Sarnia is on the other side of the bridge and Jeff’s mother lives there. We are supposed to be getting some tasty treats in the morning. Butter tarts.

Another picture of the bridge we cross into Canada tomorrow

Finally, I’d like to thank those of you who have sent me cards, letters, or emails recently. Linda, Scott, Sara, Debbie, John, Rita, Bob, and of course Karen, thanks for your thoughts. (I hope I haven’t left anyone out.)

Jeff. And his rubbish.

Today’s route:

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