Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 38 – Mt. Pleasant to Birch Run, MI

Today: 74 miles, 533 feet of climb
Cumulative: 2825 miles, 95404 feet of climb

A second Schroeder Road sighting

Today was highlighted by flat and fast roads, a tailwind for most of the morning, a second Schroeder Road sighting, and a big lunch at Tony’s.

The morning ride soon after we leave the hotel

With a 50% chance of rain in Flint at midday, we tried to get moving as soon as we could to avoid being out in the rain if possible. With a wind from the southwest, we were able to cover the distance at an average of 18.4mph with no difficulty at all. Just call it a 74 mile “rolling rest day”. And the rain held off for us.

This picture was taken near the SAG at 39 miles

Our route actually started out with 16 miles into the wind in a southerly direction. Then, we turned east and were able to pick up the pace to get to the vicinity of hotel by noon time. The roads were very flat. I don’t remember a single hill and 533 feet of climb for 74 miles, is virtually nothing at all. We passed more farms growing corn, soybeans, and sugar beets (the latter according to Dave).

The detour down some side dirt roads was fun

Jeff, Toronto Mark, and I started together and rode to the day’s only SAG at 39 miles. Jeff had a small mechanical issue at that point, so I rode with Toronto Mark until Dave and Jeff joined us from behind. We did have one detour down a dirt road because a bridge was out, and the detour added to the enjoyment of the ride since it was a very quiet road and close to several farms.

Tony's Restaurant. Birch Run Exit 136

At seven tenths of a mile from the hotel we reached I-75 which definitely made me feel closer to home. At the recommendation of Dave, who knows the area very well, we stopped at Tony’s Restaurant which is basically a large diner. Tony’s specialty is their BLT sandwiches which advertise a pound of bacon. I love BLT’s. After all, bacon is the world’s most perfect food. So I thought to myself “How much bacon can be on a sandwich if it sells for $8.49?” Well… it turns out there is a pound of bacon on the sandwich, AFTER the bacon is cooked. My plate looked like one of those bacon platters you see at a breakfast buffet or on a cruise ship. After I was done eating, there were still 14 pieces of bacon on my plate. I may never eat bacon again. Unfortunately, I had no room for a sundae, which is made with half a gallon of ice cream and stands a foot high.

The sundaes were large too

Tomorrow is our last day in Michigan where we will finish at Port Huron, right across the bridge from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Friday morning we will take the Blue Water Bridge across the border for three days of riding in Ontario. Then, we reach Niagara Falls and cross back into New York State with Vermont and New Hampshire to follow. The days are passing quickly and I’m enjoying every day we have left.

It must be a coincidence I spotted a second Schroeder Road and a second Crapo Road on the same day. Or is it?

Hmmmm.... a right on I-75, a left on GA-136, and a right on Steve Tate Highway and I'm home

Today’s route:

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