Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 20 - Casper to Lusk, WY

Today: 106 miles, 2579 feet of climb
Cumulative: 1470 miles, 57893 feet of climb

Westerly view on the ride to Lusk

Being well rested from yesterdays off day, the 106 miles we rode today flew by quickly. Team Gelding got to the century mark in 5 hours 27 minutes and we were at the hotel in 5 hours 42 minutes. An 18.8 mph moving average. Not bad. We were done early enough that I had time to get a quick doze on the hotel hammock, go for a swim and Jacuzzi, and even get to church at 4PM.

The parade in downtown Lusk

We also picked the right day to be in Lusk. At 5PM the town had their annual parade down Main Street which we watched as it went by the hotel. Covered wagons, horses and Indians, antique cars, tractors, fire trucks, politicians, and ambulances all went down the street for about half an hour.

Susan and Mark at SAG1

Today we also said goodbye to Mark W.’s wife Susan, who flew from Toronto to Casper to stay with Mark for a day and a half. Susan drove out to our first SAG stop with home baked cookies before heading to the airport. Susan, the cookies were great and I’d like the recipe, please.

Jeff Douglas

Our route today started east on US26/20. We then cycled about 15 miles on Interstate 25. I think we finally left US26 for good when we headed east on US20 to Lusk. Along the way we passed through the town of Douglas. Jeff (whose last name is Douglas) had to have his picture taken at a couple of interesting places in the town.

A view to our south

Our weather was good today. The temperature was 62 degrees when we started and warmed into the low 80’s by the time we finished. There was a thunderstorm to our right as we raced into town. Some riders still out on the course had to be stopped about 10 miles from town until the thunder and lightning had subsided.

Many coal trains passed us on our left

The scenery today was similar to Thursday. Grassland and some scrub on both sides of us with the road headed towards infinity. There was a large mountain to our south, but I don’t know its name. In the afternoon several trains filled with coal went by on our left. We waved and they gave us four toots on the train horn.

Time for some relaxation today

Cell phone coverage is nonexistent here for me, so I can’t call anyone tonight. Let’s just say the orange map doesn’t cover this part of Wyoming but the competitor’s map does.

I guess the person living here isn't married

Tomorrow we enter our fourth state and I calculate 40% of the mileage and 50% of the climbing already behind us. Progress. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Today’s route:

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