Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 34 - Wisconsin Dells to Fond du Lac, WI

Today: 83 miles, 2229 feet of climb
Cumulative: 2574 miles, 89828 feet of climb

Clearing skies at 7AM

We were lucky with the weather again today. It stormed pretty good overnight, but the front moved eastward just as we were loading our luggage at 7AM. Grey skies above soon gave way to partly cloudy, and the roads dried off soon after we departed Wisconsin Dells.

We ride out of town in the morning

Passing through Wisconsin requires a person to do one thing. Have a Brat. And today we had Brats. Riding through the town of Montello, the American Legion was having a brat fry. So I had one with mustard and sauerkraut and it was the best brat I’ve ever had. It put those Johnsonville Brats from the supermarket to shame. I need to have another one tomorrow.

The American Legion Brat Fry, and the best brat I've ever had

We are still seeing a lot of agriculture farming. Still mostly corn, but there are other crops mixed in too. We haven’t seen but a few dairy farms, but Jeff of the ABB staff said that will change tomorrow.

This was midday

Our route today was eastward on country roads again. As I mentioned yesterday, the counties here use letters instead of numbers to name their roads. But I was mistaken about one thing. Some roads have two letters. So I guess they can have up to about 800 named county roads rather than just 26. That ought to be enough. So today I was on CR O&P at the same time. Also CR A&P. And we can add M&D, ZZ, P&J, and CX too. We sure took a lot of turns today. Tomorrow we ride on CR XX. Who knows what we'll see on that road. I'm still looking for P, B & J. Or perhaps B, L, and T.

We were on many country roads today

Today I rode with Dave and Jeff and we picked up Jeff from the ABB staff along the way. Both Mark’s wanted to go at a slower pace, but they finished in front of us because Dave had a flat tire followed by three successive problems with his back wheel. Dave wound up borrowing a back wheel from Mike Munk, and he may need a new cassette from a bike store. Fortunately for him, there is a good bike store here in Fond du Lac.

Dave gets another flat. Jeff from ABB is helping.

The 83 miles passed relatively quickly and we had a pretty good average speed at 18.2 mph. Tomorrow is an easy day of only 57 miles to Manitowoc. Then on Monday we will board a ferry to Ludington, Michigan. Finally, we get a couple of easy days after 465 miles in five days. To celebrate, I had a nice grasshopper shake at Gilles this afternoon. But I only ordered a medium sized shake, not the large. It’s time to start cutting back.

Gilles Ice Cream and Frozen Custard. Their shakes are great.

Today’s route:

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