Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 8 - Ontario, OR to Boise, ID

Today: 65 miles, 1969 feet of climb
Cumulative: 649 miles, 31022 feet of climb

Oregon was a wide state but we're finally through with it

It was a warm day today. No windbreakers, vests, or arm warmers were needed, select for a few riders, and it warmed into the 90’s by the time we got to the hotel in Boise. It reached over 100 degrees in the afternoon here.

The route today had many left and right turns and our five person group (I have a hard time typing “The Thoroughbreds”) managed to make all of them correctly, with the help of the two strategically placed America By Bicycle vans. The total climb was not much to talk about, but there were many small hills as opposed to the large continuous climbs we’d been doing earlier in the week. Today reminded me of the back roads in the Cartecay area (Parker Road in particular). Rolling hills, the smell of dirt, hay, and cattle farms, while riding on sun baked roads. We took back roads south and then east into the Boise suburbs where bike paths took us to our destination. The housing industry must have been hit here too. There were a few subdivisions with roads and sidewalks but no homes. Very nice houses but I wonder what it is like to live here in the winter.

Irrigated farms everywhere

Right out of the hotel we crossed into Idaho. So our first state is finished. With nine total days of riding behind us, and two thirds of the way towards one thousand miles ridden, it is a bit daunting to realize there are still over three thousand miles remaining until we reach the Atlantic Ocean. I calculate 18% of the miles and 28% of the climbing complete so far.

Todd, coming over a hill

Tomorrow is a well needed and welcome rest day in Boise. Several people are nursing small aches and pains, and the layover day will do them good. I’m a bit tired myself, but the legs are holding out so far. This completes the first of six segments of the tour and we said goodbye to two riders who are only going this far. No new riders are joining us until Casper on July 10.

Jeff and Mark have Canadian roots

Someone asked my wife Karen, if I am eating well. I had hoped to lose a few pounds while riding and it started well. The first few days I didn’t have dessert and helped myself to the salad bar and fruit as much as I could. Then there was yesterday. An ice cream sandwich from a convenience store at 9:30. A trip to Dairy Queen for a hamburger and hot fudge sundae for lunch. And dinner at The Sizzler, which has a great ice cream bar if you are interested. Ice cream three times in one day. I can’t be doing this. Today I declared a “no ice cream” day.

Tonight we had a catered barbecue chicken dinner and saw the new Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz movie which was OK. We are on our own tomorrow. I’ll be sleeping in and think about tomorrow in the morning.

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