Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bicycle Ride Across Georgia

I just got back from a nice week long ride with my friends Gary, Harold, and Bill. This year's BRAG ride was a loop from Fayetteville down to Columbus and back. Seven days, 506 humid miles, and 24,000 feet of climbing, including Wednesday's century ride and all of the extra hammerhead options. I only see Harold and Gary one week per year for BRAG, but we pick up right where we left off the prior year. I appreciate them putting up with me for the week.

This was a good final tuneup for the cross country ride, both for me and the bike. The bike is ready to go after the overhaul by Dan at Free-Flite.  Tomorrow it will be dropped off at FedEx in Jasper after being boxed up at the bike shop. Then, I have an early morning flight to PDX on Saturday. I felt great during each day's ride this week, even towards the end of Tuesday's 82 miles and Wednesday's 104 miles.

I did meet someone on BRAG who did the cross country ride with ABB two years ago and got some good pointers from him. So all that remains is to pack my bag and laptop and fly out west where, hopefully, my bike will be waiting. Next post should be from Astoria.

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