Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 0 - Pacific Ocean to Astoria

Today : 30 miles 782 feet of climbing

Arrival at the Pacific Ocean to dip our wheels

The beginning

We did ride this morning.  Today was the unofficial start of the ride, out to the Pacific Ocean and back.  I joined a group of about 15 riders at 10:30AM and we headed out to the coast for the traditional wheel dip in the ocean.  Low 50's with a few brief sprinkles of rain were ideal for a short easy first day.  Actually, today was called "day zero" so I guess the mileage didn't count. Am I really here? After snapping some pictures we headed back to the hotel with a stop at Fort Clatsop.  This is where Louis and Clark spent their second winter on their three year expedition.  The fort was not very large, more like a barracks than a fort, and conditions must have been tight for the men. At least the local Indians were friendly here.

Joe at Fort Clatsop
There are 54 riders and a staff of six on the ride.  Riders are from every part of the country plus Toronto, Switzerland, Scotland, and Hong Kong.  47 riders are going to the Atlantic and the other seven are just doing a section or two.  Later, we will pick up other riders doing latter sections.  Some of these section riders are completing the whole coast to coast ride over several years.  That is perseverance.

Tomorrow we head east, 69 miles to St. Helens.

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  1. Awesome! It makes my legs hurt to even think about biking as far as you'll be biking but I am so proud of you for pursuing this very cool goal, Joe!