Friday, June 10, 2011

NTP Day 6

Group photo at the state line

Another nice day. Today, we cycled from just south of the Alabama/Tennessee border to TN 50, about 69 miles.

 Group photo with Aila and Karen

The day started with many pictures at the state line, since this would be the last time we were all together. (Alex and Helen leave for home after today's ride.) After stops at a section of the Old Trace, we had a nice SAG stop at Glenrock Branch, where there was a babbling brook and some large boulders to sit on.

About 18 miles into today's ride

Then, we cycled on a 2.5 mile section of the Old Trace that follows the original route of the NT.

Old Trace Drive

Next was a stop at the Meriwether Lewis grave site. Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame) was walking the trace when he died here in 1809. It is unknown whether he committed suicide or was murdered.

We are running out of miles to cycle

Then, we stopped at Fall Hollow, where there were several waterfalls. By this time it was midday and hot. So Jeff, Leo, Alex, and I decided to go underneath the falls to cool off. Below is Leo, getting relief from the hot weather.

Finally, we ended the ride at Gordon house, MP 408. Only 36 miles of the NTP remain for tomorrow. After putting our bikes on our bike racks. It was time to drive to the hotel in Columbia, where it was time to say goodbye to Alex and Helen.  Everyone was glad they were able to join us. We'll miss them tomorrow.

End of day

As much as we hated to say goodbye, the ride still goes on for one more day before we scatter for home. The day ended with a trip to Baskin Robbins. Cycling and ice cream go together, don't they?

It's always a good time for ice cream

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