Sunday, June 5, 2011

NTP Day 1 - It is hot

 Group photo

Today we rode 68 miles from our Natchez hotel to the MS 27 junction at milepost 66. Jeff's Garmin reached 103 degrees at one point and it had to be in the mid 90's while we were riding. While the heat did not bother me much, it took a toll on some of the riders. We had several of them patting their helmets, asking for ice and water late in the day.

Alex and Joe

After a group photo at the start of the trace, everyone was off at their own pace. We saw sections of the old trace, Emerald Mound (second largest temple mound in the USA at 8 acres), Mount Locust inn (last existing inn on the Trace, dating to the early 1800's), and Mangum Mound. Thanks goes to Karen and Aila for setting up a SAG stop in a 37 mile section without water, and then supplying ice and water on the drive to the finish point. Bad news was a fairly long drive to our hotel in Jackson at end of day. Good news is we stay at the hotel for two nights, so no need to pack luggage tomorrow.

Leo and Joe

Looks like another hot day again tomorrow. Breakfast is at 5AM so we can get an early start on a 68 mile section.

Come join Alex and Leo during the ride today:

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