Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 44 – Niagara Falls to Henrietta, NY

Today: 82 miles, 1920 feet of climb
Cumulative to date: 3223 miles, 103490 feet of climb
Remaining to go: Approx. 482 miles, 18860 feet of climb

Everyone had a relaxing time at Niagara Falls. Even Baltimore Mark.

After a relaxing day and a half in Niagara Falls, it was time to hit the road and head for the Atlantic Ocean.

Early morning, after leaving the Niagara Falls suburbs

Today, temperatures were in the mid 70’s with partly cloudy skies after luggage load at 6:45AM and breakfast after load. The bike ride for Day 44 was through suburban Niagara Falls, then on country roads through the towns of South Lockport, Bergen, Scottsville, and finally Henrietta. Our hotel tonight is actually in Rochester. After leaving the Niagara Falls area we saw farms the rest of the day on lightly traveled roads.

Mid morning. Flat roads, light traffic, more trees and farms

I rode with Toronto Mark today, who also got an early start after breakfast. The roads were smooth and there was a slight tailwind. We averaged 17.7mph without trying too hard.

One of the sod farms

A couple of times we passed sod farms with their vast fields of soft grass. People were mowing the grass in the distance. The fields looked so inviting, Mark and I stopped for pictures and I could have easily taken a nap lying right there. But we had to press on to Rochester. I mean Henrietta. I guess if we had two Rochester destinations, we would get confused.

I could have taken a nap. Very soft grass and the sun felt great.

Mark and I made it to the hotel pretty early, so we had some lunch and still got back to the hotel before luggage unloading. Our luck seems to be bad for minor league baseball. Apparently, the Rochester minor league team is not in town today. So I guess we’ll just go to dinner and hang around the hotel afterwards. We are also going to see if it is feasible to go to Cooperstown on Thursday after our ride that day.

Late morning before getting near Rochester. More farms, barns and silos.

That's all for a relatively uneventful Day 44.
Today’s route:

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